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Simon Fenoulhet


torch theatre 2018

In 2018 I completed a lighting commission for the Torch Theatre in Milford Haven. The theatre had been refurbished including a re-cladding of the fly tower which stands 18 metres high and highly visible from the nearby marina. The brief was to illuminate the cladding on the upper half of the building with a view to transforming its bland appearance.

Working with Lite Ltd, I used 16 Philips Colorgraze lighting bars to light the cladding from below, with a colour sequence that changes slowly over time. The different sides of the building are lit independently and are permanently out of phase with one another. To the casual viewer the change is not immediately noticeable but over a period of 30 seconds, the colours will be seen to change, subtly shifting through intermediate hues to create gentle colour changes

At 6.45pm each evening, the lighting pattern changes to a colour spectrum that moves across the face of the tower from left to right. This is a more noticeable colour sequence that reflects the building’s preparations for the evening’s performance. Once the performance is underway and the building settles down, the lighting reverts to its original sequence