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Simon Fenoulhet


Barry Island

Barry Island

Torch Theatre

Torch Theatre



elan valley

Elan Valley

Counting in colour

Counting in Colour

flow, platfform newport 2015

Flow, Platfform

cross current

Cross Current

Lucent Lines

Yellow Line field



Barry Island

Barry Island


Simon Fenoulhet is an artist who plays with our preconceptions of the material world by skilfully manipulating everyday objects with unexpected outcomes. The recurrent theme is one of transformation, re-presenting the familiar in ways which cause us to change the way we look at the world. His use of light adds another dimension to the work by introducing projections, colour and movement. By making light an integral part of each piece, toothpicks, table tennis balls and drinking straws take on new meanings, subverting their original function. Simon’s practice also embraces site responsive work when the opportunity arises.